This website is focused on 5 major American sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF & NCAAB

  • The blog posts for each sport are grouped in the right column by category.
  • On occasion, we may comment on another sport. (That’s one use for the Miscellaneous category.)
  • Inside pages (found using the navigation tabs under the referee’s image at the top of each page) highlight special subjects.

The IS Team is committed to applying the following standards in our ideas and posts:

  • Delivering the best possible game experience for participants and fans
  • Protecting the integrity and fairness of athletics at all levels
  • Defending the physical and mental well-being of athletes

We believe sports are meant to be enjoyed by everyone involved, but that other factors (money, pride, power) can influence what happens on the field. exists to give fans a platform concerning rules and issues surrounding the professional and collegiate sports we cover.

There are plenty of websites that let people suggest who should get fired, traded or drafted. They let fans argue with writers and each other. This is not one of those sites.

Players, coaches, administrators, owners, unions, conferences, leagues and associations have their own set of duties, responsibilities and motivation. Meanwhile, the sports we cover are successful because fans follow their teams, attend games, watch telecasts and buy sports stuff. You may have played at youth, high school, college or professional levels, or maybe not. What is certain is that you love team sports, and so do we.

We’ll be sharing a lot of our own thoughts and those of visitors to this website. It’s likely you’ll see something that supports what you’ve been thinking about, or reminds you of another way to approach a situation.

We’re counting on you:

  • Submit your ideas (ideas @ improving sports dot com or the form on the Your Ideas page) with your name, hometown and the logic behind your suggestion. Please feel free to include pros and cons for your ideas.
  • Share our pages (through the links we’ve provided on each post and each page) with your friends and relatives.
  • Most importantly, please come back to our site often.

Thank you, in advance, for being a part of this.

Working to make some of America’s great sports even better,

The IS Team


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